Gloriously remote and set in one of Sweden’s wildest and most astounding natural settings, Peace & quiet hotel is a luxury settlement in the style inspired from the traditional Sámi residence the goahte.  Peace & quiet hotel offers guests an unforgettable experience of Jokkmokk, where the landscape, wildlife and Sámi lifestyle combine in an enchanting adventure. 

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Call of the wild

The sights and sounds of Lule rivers tranquil atmosphere are welcomed into the 6 luxury glas ro which line the river shore and dot the ancient growth forest, a tribute to the architectural knowledge from the arctic history with contemporary comforts and custom furnishings. A stone’s throw away lies Pearl river rapids, with exciting fishing and surrounded by towering forests where a swag of adventures awaits. 


Our luxury rooms

Experience the arctic light in the true last wilderness of Europe. In the cultural melting pot of the Sami culture you find our sustainable and eco-friendly luxury suite for two.
You will be guided out in the total wilderness by a mountain guide so you can relax and feel secure in the meeting with the wild, only you and nature, feel the peace and tranquillity of solitude. There you can re-connect to your true self and your partner.
The magical glas room experience – the year-round window for arctic nature experience.
Accommodation closer to the authentic outdoor experience than ever before, to the places without any trace of human influence in fragile arctic nature. You can explore Northern lights or the midnight sun in pure nature, outside of manmade light pollution and fuss.
It saves time and energy because we can accommodate you in the middle of the experience.


Winter and Northern lights

The glass room is welcoming you cosy and warm to enjoy wild arctic nature, northern lights, and clear starry sky without freezing your bones to ice.
Outside you can enjoy snow by skiing, snowshoeing, husky ride or reindeers and wildlife. You can master ice fishing.


Springtime of Ice fishing

It provides you with the ultimate accommodation right on the fishing spot. In the case of overpowering arctic weather, you can continue fishing in the warmth of the glas room through the floor.


Summer and midnight sun

Summer glas room will be located where you would like to be. You can enjoy midnight sun on one of the thousands of lakes.
You can take a swim from your own floating front terrace, enjoy water sports around the lake or try hiking or biking on paths through the arctic nature.


Fall and autumn foliage

Feel autumn foliage from the glass room is something special. Bright autumn colors, wild berries, and mushrooms, straight out of pure arctic nature.
For angler’s pleasure, fishes are filling their stomachs before winter. This means that in the kitchen you can create something that you cannot get anywhere else

For luckiest of you, there is a possibility to experience lakes icing over right underneath you, pure magic. 

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Odoo • Image and Text

The Igloo

Take the possibility to experience the traditional way of sleeping in arctic climate. A warm and cozy night on reindeer skin in warm sleeping bag. You we get to know yourself, the darkness and the quietness of the polar night. You, the fire and nature will become one.